• Tony New Photo

    Rev’d Tony Jones

    Senior Minister

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    Tony is married to Sarah and they have four children, Emily, Samuel, William, and Sophie. Tony leads the church, runs the Men’s Ministry and preaches on Sundays most weeks through the year. He is an ordained Anglican Minister.

  • Rob

    Rev’d Rob Brown

    Associate Minister

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    Rob is married to Alice and together they have three children: Jonty, Pippa and Barnaby. Rob leads the Student Ministry at Christchurch and assists the Senior Minister in the overall leadership of the Church.

  • Sam Herbert

    Sam Herbert

    Assistant Minister

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    Sam is married to Jen and they have two boys, Will and Toby. Sam assists with pastoral ministry among the local congregation and oversees the Growth Groups and Christianity Explored.

  • Al

    Alison Barratt

    Women’s Worker

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    Al runs the women’s work at Christchurch including Women’s Growth Group and our mums‘ and toddlers’ group, Sticky Fingers.

  • Chris Wood

    Chris Wood

    Church Manager

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    Chris runs the Church Office and handles all the behind-the-scenes work at Christchurch, including all of the finances.

  • Ruth

    Ruth Pullar

    Assistant Student Worker and Church Secretary

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    Ruth is one of our Student Workers. She also helps out in the Church Office. She’d be delighted if you were in touch via email for more information.

  • Cameron Bourne

    Cameron Bourne

    Youth & Children’s Worker

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    Cameron is our Youth and Children’s Worker and he looks after youth groups, the children’s ministry and is involved in training the youth an children’s team.  

  • Mark Rainbow

    Rev’d Mark Rainbow

    Minister of Grace Church Newton Hall

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    Mark is married to Sarah and they have two daughters named Annabel and Grace. Mark is the Minister of Grace Church Newton Hall.

  • Jonny

    Jonny Pullar

    Assistant Student Worker

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    Jonny is a member of our Ministry Training Scheme and he is an assistant student worker. He’d be delighted if you were to be in touch by email for more information.

Church Warden

  • James Cleave

    Church Warden

  • Adam Straker

    Church Warden

  • Dave Buckley

    Church Warden

Christchurch Ministry Training Scheme

Our Associates have joined the Ministry Training Scheme at Christchurch, where they serve on both the Student and Children & Youth work teams.

  • Anna Burkill

  • Simeon Nichols

  • Matt Coates

  • Katie Mclaren

  • Esther Havell

  • Vicky Coleman

  • Philip Beckett

  • Nico Spreeth

  • Michael Kennedy