The Student Conference is one of the highlights of the year for students at Christchurch Durham. We get away for a few days from the Durham bubble to relax, have fun and spend some time thinking deeply over a key doctrine of the Christian faith.

This year (2017) we went the Scottish Borders to think about the topic of the sovereignty of God. Alongside the talks on this doctrine, we had seminars to encourage each other to live whole-heartedly in the Christian life. The seminars covered a range of topics including making decisions, evangelism, and assurance of salvation.

It was a fantastic few days away, getting to know God and one another better. In amongst all the times of teaching and discussion, we had plenty of time for relaxing, playing games, sport and enjoying the countryside. For more information, for the 2018 Student Conference, contact Mark Rainbow.

  • Mark Rainbow

    Mark Rainbow

    Minister of Grace Church Newton Hall and Student Worker

    Mark is married to Sarah and they have a daughter named Annabel. Mark oversees the student work here at Christchurch.  Mark is also the Minister of Grace Church Newton Hall.

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