About Us

Who are we?

Christchurch Durham is an Anglican conservative evangelical church. Our ultimate aim is to glorify God as we live lives shaped by His Word. We are committed to proclaiming His inerrant word as revealed in the Bible, depending on Him in prayer, growing together in godliness and shaping everything we do as a church family on the teaching of the Bible. The Word of God as revealed in Scripture is therefore at the heart of all we do here at Christchurch.

 We see our defining characteristics as being that we are:

  • Bible-centred in that we seek to proclaim God’s word the Bible and to shape everything we do on what God says in the Bible.
  • A family because we are children together of the same Heavenly Father.
  • Christ-centred because we seek to be built up together into Him as our Lord.
  • Grace-centred because the saving work of Christ’s death is central.
  • Mission minded because we long to reach the world with the gospel.
  • Sacrificial because we prioritize gospel growth over church growth which means we are willing to joyfully give away money and people for the cause of mission.

We have 3 aims as a church family.

To reach out

The truth God has revealed in His Word is of utmost importance to each and every one of us. His message of salvation through Jesus' death on the cross is the way to an eternal relationship with God. As a result, we want to proclaim the great good news of God’s gospel throughout the whole world.

To build-up

Since God’s plan is to grow us into the likeness of Christ we long to help one another grow in relationship with God. The Word of God is therefore central in all our meetings so that we can discover more of His plan for us, and prayerfully shape our lives in the light of His will.

To send out

Our desire is to see the good news of Jesus spread globally.  We are therefore passionate about encouraging and training every Christian at Christchurch to use their God-given gifts in His service and to send people out to proclaim His Word throughout the world.