Proclaiming Jesus

As a church in Durham city centre, we are really excited to give as many students as possible the chance to investigate the claims of Jesus for themselves. We run events throughout the year that are an opportunity to meet us, ask lots of questions, and see what we believe.


Can I ever be sure of anything?  What’s wrong with our world?  Is there any hope for the future?  These are big issues and we all have our perspective on them.  Perspectives give us a chance to think through and share our perspective on these big issues of life and many others as well as looking at God’s perspective on all these things.  We’d love you to come and share your perspective and to think about God’s perspective.

We will meet this Tuesday 19th of October at Perspectives thinking about the question "Why is the world so broken?"

Events Fortnight

Events fortnight is an opportunity for students to create their own event for their friends with support from the Student Staff Team. This may look like an Associate coming to your sports training then answering questions, or maybe a pizza and a short talk in your college room. We'd love to encourage you to be a self-starter in evangelism and create your own event!

Events fortnight will run in the first term from Monday 22nd November - Friday 3rd December.

Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored gives you the opportunity to brush up on the basics of Christianity.

Each week we open up a bit of Mark's gospel and chat about the claims of Christianity.  You can come along and ask any question you want, or just listen to others as we think through the hope that Jesus offers.

Christianity Explored runs for four weeks in the third term beginning Friday 6th May.