At Christchurch, we welcome students from all kinds of backgrounds: British, international, undergrads, postgrads, and people from all kinds of denominational backgrounds. Our prayer is that during their time with us students will grow hugely in their knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fundamentally we are:

  • A family of believers. One of the great joys of following Jesus is being adopted into a family of other believers who encourage and support us in the Christian life. Many students have found that Christchurch is a great place for making solid Christian friends, and we want to do all we can to help you to build those friendships. 
  • Gripped by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that we'd be gripped by Jesus Christ as we meet him in his word and so increasingly moved to trust him, obey Him, and live for his glory.
  • Seeking to reach out to the university. We are passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with other students in Durham. Sharing the gospel is exciting and yet daunting, and we are eager to draw alongside students as they speak about Jesus to those around them.