The Student Conference

Each year we go away as a student church family on our Student Conference.

We spend four days up in the Scottish Borders together getting to know each other, having fun and relaxing after a busy term, and focusing on one of the Bible’s key doctrines. And there is always plenty of cake baked by the church family.

Dates for the 2021-22 Student Conference are: 19th - 23rd March

Sign up day: 6th February 2022

Price: £120 on sign up day - £130 after sign up day

We would really love you to be there, so if money is an issue for you, please contact Rob or Sharon.

This year's topic is Holiness!

Here's what past students have said:

"Student conference is a time unlike Focus or Church as we gather together in small, inter-year review groups to discuss the talks and seminars. Through these review groups you get to know lots of the people you've seen around church but not necessarily spoken to in any depth, its a great chance to get to know your brothers and sisters!"

"Student Conference gives the chance to explore a big topic in lots of depth, with morning and evening talks as well as Q&As after the evening talks. You're in an environment where you can ask questions freely in groups and go on thinking about what you've heard in the meetings, being challenged and built up by your peers!"